Tom Glynn Carney - The Rake Magazine 2017

This guy is so cool - amazing look, a hybrid of young Malcom McDowell, young Sting and a dash of Bowie - really down to earth and great fun - should go far - shot for this months Rake magazine, styling by Jo Grzeszczuk - grooming by Sarah Exley


darts and minds

my fave shot from the darts - originally straightened up but now back to orig framing, looks much better, sometimes straightening stuff looks a bit shit, best leave be -


shot in shepherd's market, london - great actor and top bloke


tee moodboard

tee total look book -still got a few left if u want one for free just email me -



This shoot is out today in the Saturday Times magazine - nice guy - I got the vibe he wasn't massively into having his picture taken but he got into it - shot at Rida East Studios -


the men who make the cues... Parris Cues

Excerpts from the John Parris project -
John Parris is one of the most renowned manufacturers of handmade snooker cues in the world - Professional players who use John's cues are Ronnie O' Sullivan, Steve Davies, Tony Drago, Terry Griffiths, Dominc Dale and Stephen Maguire -
Founded in 1984 in Forest Hill by John Parris -
(more shots to follow)