Get Pissed - Destroy

The Oxo and myself attended the Pistols gig in Hammersmith - surprisingly very good, very loud, nice to hear a Gibson Les Paul at ear shredding level for a change, the audience were actually very endearing and I regret my earlier blog comments. Chance meeting with ex-Heave bassist Gavin and compadres which was a very nice surprise - Glen Matlock wore a polo shirt and white trousers - Steve Jones was very fat - Paul Cook looked a lot like Sir Textalot and J Rotten was the perfect panto dame/Richard III
(funnily enough responsible for locking up Edward V and his brother Richard in the Bloody Tower thus inspiring the Rich Kids song 'Ghosts Of Princes In Towers' penned by the aforementioned badly dressed Mr Matlock)

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the oxo said...

That was no SG, that was a Les Paul! Great shots of a top night out though...hope you made it home ok.